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You’ve poured your heart into creating a special place that’s quirky, authentic and sings with your personality, creativity and passion. You’re proud of what you can offer guests and want to share it with the sort of people who’ll really understand and appreciate what it’s all about. You’d like some help reaching them, but you don’t want to be buried in the great behemoth of impersonal travel websites.

If so, then welcome. You’re in the right place.

Who are we?

Sawday’s was born when our founder, Alastair, took all he had learned as a wandering guide and small-scale champion of the independent, and published a travel book. Since he shared his first discoveries back in the 1990s, we’ve slowly grown into a company still infused with his enquiring, restless spirit and passion for people and places, whose authenticity and individuality are truly inspiring.

We visit every single place we work with, meeting our owners and writing about their places honestly and frankly to reflect their individual character. We offer a very personal relationship, with no help centres and hold music, just people on the end of the phone or an email away who will give you the support, advice and assistance you need to make a success of your business. We accept less than 50% of places who contact us about joining Sawday’s to be sure of a truly special collection.


Who will we send you?

We know our guests as well as we know our owners. They’re the sort of people who appreciate character and independence, and who want personality and connection as much as comfort. Generally speaking, they take up to seven short breaks a year, have the freedom to travel out of season and are interested in being a part of the area – hiking through it, birdwatching in it and trying the local flavours. Bringing together guests that seek special experiences with the people who create them is what we’ve been doing so well for over 20 years. If you’ve got what it takes to inspire and delight them, come and be a part of our great, growing community. We’d love to meet you and we’re sure our guests would too.

How will we do it?

Our website attracts over two million visits a year, and every year this increases. We have a huge newsletter database and an engaged social media following across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We take care of making sure people hear about what you’ve created, so that you can get on with doing what you love most.

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