Have a question about the Pilot? Please see below and hopefully this will provide the answer you need.

Alternatively we can be contacted by email: pilot@sawdays.co.uk or phone: 0117 204 7810.


Will it cost me anything? 

  • Other than the transaction processing fee of £7.70 plus VAT on the booking and photography (if required) then no

Will you upload my pricing or will I need to do that? 

  • We will do that for you and we will provide you with a template to give us the information

Am I allowed to offer a different price on my site? 

  • No, we would expect price parity to ensure that it’s fair for all (including special price discounts). We’re investing heavily in technology and marketing to bring you the right guests so want to ensure this is done fairly

How soon will the payment from the stay be transferred to my account? 

  • We will make full payment to you 6 weeks prior to the stay. Remittance is made once per week. We will retain the transaction processing fee amounting to £7.70 plus VAT for each booking

Why do I need to pay a transaction processing fee? 

  • We collect the payment from the guest and remit to you
  • This covers the card merchant fee and the process of taking the payment from the guest and making it to you

Will you need any extra information about my property? 

  • Yes, we’ll need to follow up and understand more details to enable guests to have all they need to make a booking.

Do I have to be using specific technology? 

  • No – all we require is for you to have an online calendar (such as a Google calendar, or any other calendar that offers two-way iCal synchronisation) that is kept up to date and therefore shows real time availability
  • If you don’t already have one, a Google calendar can be set up quickly and easily and is free of charge. We can provide you with simple instructions if you need any help

What does ‘Calendar Sync’ do?

  • Cal Sync will ensure the availability on your calendar always matches ours, so it’s especially great for anyone taking their own instant online bookings to ensure our availability is always aligned. It is also useful for anyone who takes bookings over the phone or via email, and tracks them in a personal calendar (e.g.Googlemail).
  • Compatible with the following systems:​ ​​SuperControl, ​Planyo, ​Google Calendar, ​iCalendar, ​Bookalet Gold, Xotelia, Elloha, those currently with Eviivo

I’m concerned about double bookings – will we be able to test the calendar sync before going live? 

  • Yes – the calendars will all be tested before live.

Can guests still email me before booking? 

  • Absolutely – we’re aware of how important this is to you and your guests so we want to ensure this is supported

What about damage deposits and bad feedback? 

  • Any complaints would be managed between you and the guest – we will act as escalation point for anything unable to be resolved
  • We are not responsible for collecting a damage deposit – if this is something that you would like, you need to cover it as part of your standard booking process

Will it be compliant with the new GDPR Data Protection rules coming in? 

  • Yes, it will (we’re having meetings about GDPR now)

How will you ensure money is transferred securely? 

  • We will be using a secure payment gateway, similar to the one in place for Canopy & Stars

Why do I now need a contract?

  • Because we are taking bookings and payment on your behalf, and then remitting payment to you.

Can Sawday’s legally insist on price parity?

  • As we don’t have a dominant/monopoly position in the market, this clause in the contract is simply to ensure that the price offered on our website is competitive with what you offer and as such it’s compatible with UK competition law.

Will you be taking a deposit from guests?

  • Guests will have the option of paying 20% if more than 8 weeks prior to stay.
  • If within 8 weeks, they will pay 100%.
  • If they prefer to pay 100% at time of booking, they will be able to.

What cancellation conditions apply?

  • The 20% deposit will be non refundable.
  • If the guest cancels prior to 8 weeks before their stay, we will refund their stay less the 20% deposit
  • The booking will be 100% non-refundable from 8 weeks prior to stay

How can guests pay for extras such as meals?

  • You will still be able to arrange this with the Guest directly after they have booked

Will I have access to Guests’ email addresses?

  • Not directly: the email system will be similar to Gumtree or eBay – you can just send emails back and forth and the system will match them up to the right recipients.